Improving The Quality Of Your Plumbing Parts Through Injection Molding

Plumbers rely on a variety of parts to help keep their customers' plumbing systems functioning properly. If you are responsible for producing plumbing parts for the professional tradesmen in your area, it's important that you take the time to learn how you can improve the quality of your plumbing parts.

Relying on the injection molding process during production can be a simple way to manufacture higher quality parts in the future. Here are four benefits that injection molding can provide.

1. Increased Reliability

When it comes to repairing a broken plumbing system, having parts that fit correctly is essential. When you produce plumbing parts through injection molding, you are able to create plastic parts that are extremely reliable.

Since each part is made from a single mold, the parts will be uniform. This allows plumbers to easily replace broken plumbing components without worrying about whether or not the new part will fit properly.

2. Increased Affordability

Making money as a plumbing manufacturer means that you must be able to produce parts affordably. Lowering the cost of production can increase the amount of profit you make on each completed part.

By opting to use injection molding during the production process, your plumbing parts can be made using minimal human labor. Reducing the amount of physical labor required to generate each part you sell will reduce your overhead expenses, and make each part more affordable to produce.

3. Increased Versatility

Injection molding can be completed using a variety of plastic materials. When you are able to use resin, PVC, and other polymers with the same mold, you can create a versatile line of products that will better meet the needs of professional plumbers in your area.

Eliminating the need for a separate mold to create parts from different materials also allows you to maintain continuity between the various parts that you offer to your clients.

4. Reduced Assembly Time

Many plumbing parts require machining in order to be fully assembled. Drilling holes or adding studs to parts can take time. When you make the decision to use injection molding to produce your parts, you can build these features into the design of the mold.

When you don't have to use machine parts after production you can reduce the amount of time and work required to create a finished product for your customers.

Injection molding can be a simple way for you to improve the quality of your plumbing parts in the future. Increase the reliability, affordability, and versatility of your parts, and reduce the amount of time required to assemble the parts by making the switch to injection molding.

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