Pedestal Color: 3 Tips For Selecting The Right Hue For Your Sculpture Pedestal

Sculptures are unique pieces of art that can inspire the mind and generate awe in the viewer. Displaying small sculpture can pose a challenge. You want the sculpture to be highly visible, but you don't want a display that will detract from the beauty of the sculpture itself.

An acrylic pedestal can offer a simple solution to your display dilemma. The acrylic that is used to create display pedestals can be manufactured in a variety of colors. Choosing the correct hue will ensure that your sculpture stands as a centerpiece in any room.

1. Consider the Display Space

You must begin the process of investing in a display pedestal by evaluating the space in which your sculpture will be displayed. The color palette of the room should influence your color choice when it comes to an acrylic pedestal.

Vinyl film is applied to acrylic during fabrication. This film comes in a variety of colors, so it is easy to select a color that will complement the existing decor of the display space. Using a complementary color will ensure that your sculpture is perceived as an aesthetic beauty rather than an eyesore.

2. Consider the Sculpture

The sculpture itself should also inform your decision when selecting a color for the acrylic pedestal on which it will be displayed. You don't want the pedestal to detract from the beauty of the sculpture. The color that you use should not be so overpowering that the pedestal becomes the focus of attention.

A neutral color, like white or gray, will blend into the background when colorful sculptures are on display. If the color palette of your sculpture is muted or monochromatic, carry this theme into the color choice of the display pedestal as well.

3. Consider the Mobility of the Sculpture

Another important consideration that must be made when you are investing in a custom fabricated acrylic display pedestal for your sculpture is the mobility of the piece. If you plan to house the sculpture in a single room on a permanent basis, then you can select a highly customized color for the acrylic materials.

Sculptures that will be temporarily displayed and then moved to a new location can benefit from a display pedestal that is void of color. A clear, or ghost, pedestal allows the display to easily be moved into any setting. The translucent nature of fabricated acrylic lets the pedestal disappear, leaving your sculpture to captivate the attention of anyone passing by.

Contact an acrylic fabrications company for more help in designing the pedestal.